Cuini Amelio Ortiz attended the University of Cordoba where she majored in film and journalism. She traveled extensively throughout South America making anthropological documentaries, and then spent time in the United States where she continued her studies. Cuini’s film career took her to Rome where she conducted various seminars at La Sapienza University. In 1984 the Italian Ministry of Education and the European Council invited her to direct a project dealing with visual language and its influence on society.  Since 1985 Cuini lives and works in Berlin as a filmmaker. Her body of work includes more than 40 documentaries for Europeans Brodcasters (many times in conflict zones). She established the Department of Film and Video at the International Cultural Center Schlesische 27, and served as director through the year 2000.  In 2004 she was Head of Studies in La Università del Cinema e dellaTelevisione, in Cinecittà Rom, Italy Between 2005 and 2007 she was Manager of the Cultural Department of AE MediaCorporation in Rome, Italy 2008 she was Director of the International Film Workshop Academy – InFWA –  Berlin, supported bei Goethe Institut Rome, Roma Lazzio Film Commission and the University of Film and TV Berlin DFFB. 2008/9 she was Director of the “CineCampus” - Rome International Film Festival  Her career as a teacher, conducting seminars in schools and universities throughout the world (Universidade Santa Cecilia, Santos, Brazil, La Sapienza, Rome, Università di Milano, Milan, Centre George Pompidour, Paris, Université Catolique de Louvain, Belgium, Internationale Filmhochschule Moskow, Universidad Nacional de Cine, Montevideo, Kunstschule „Teclas Salas“, Barcelona,  Fachhochschule-Düsseldorf), continues until today.

(*) für die Dokumentarfilmreihe „Fremde Kinder“ gemacht, die 1995 für den Grimme preis nominiert wurde